Bellwether Process

Process Consulting.

Bellwether thoroughly evaluates Life Cycle Execution and Results. Process, Methods, Tools, Technology for Development. Product Management. Metrics and Visibility, Control Mechanisms for Management. Team, Staffing, and Organization. How to apply any of that without diverting focus from the work.

Engagements large and small. Bellwether can package single-subject reviews, or complete in-depth studies. Either way, you'll come away with recommendations that will unquestionably improve your development operations.

Engagements tiny: As development managers, we often find ourselves teaching teams on various best practice topics. Bellwether will deliver brief and simple (usually 30- to 60-minutes) on the value, rationale, and methods on any development-related subject matter (pick from anything in the SWEBOK, or emerging practices.) Whether educating or persuading, we'll help you get it done.

We're pleased to develop solutions, too. Beyond recommendations, we'll help you chart a course to new levels of performance from your development team. And provide the education and project management to help you see them through.

  • Product Concept and Business Case
  • Market Requirements
  • User Experience and Functional Design
  • Architecture, Technical Design
  • Construction, Unit Testing
  • Version Control, Artifact Management
  • Test Design, Development, Execution
  • Deployment and Production
  • Release and Version Management
  • Methodologies to fit your business
  • Project Management
  • Team Organization
  • Staffing and Staff Development
  • Reporting and Visibility
  • Others...what are you struggling with?

No-holds-barred reporting, supported by depth of detail. We won't claim what we can't explain. Straight talk about what's right or wrong.

All of our process consultants have more than 15 years in their respective disciplines, most have more than 20. All have demonstrated success in both doing and managing, product management and software development.

Let's talk about how Bellwether can help you.